positive pos‧i‧tive [ˈpɒztɪv ǁ ˈpɑːz-] adjective
1. good or useful:

• When interest rates fall, there is a positive effect on business confidence.

• He felt that these meetings did not make any sort of positive contribution to branch performance.

2. expressing support, agreement, or approval:

• The response we've had from our customers has been very positive.

3. thinking that a situation is good or will be good:
positive about

• The company is very positive about its future.

4. if you take positive action, you do something definite in order to try and achieve something:

• She took positive steps to boost her design team.

5. more than zero:

• Exports totaled $1,275 million, while imports totaled $1,050 million, giving a positive trade balance of $225 million.

— positively adverb :

• The market has responded positively to these types of restructuring moves.

* * *

positive UK US /ˈpɒzətɪv/ adjective
good or useful: »

Net exports were making a strong positive contribution to western European economic growth.

a positive development/move »

In general, this is a positive development for consumers because it increases convenience and choice.

a positive aspect/effect/impact »

These measures should have positive effects on exports and employment.

a positive outcome/result »

Such methods do achieve positive results when certain key conditions are in place.

Compare NEGATIVE(Cf. ↑negative) adjective
expressing agreement or support: positive feedback/a positive response »

The response to the marketing campaign has been extremely positive.

Compare NEGATIVE(Cf. ↑negative) adjective
relating to a number or an amount that is more than zero: a positive balance »

The current account has also posted positive balances and this trend will continue.

Compare NEGATIVE(Cf. ↑negative) adjective
hopeful and confident about a situation: »

a positive approach/assessment/attitude

remain positive about/on sth »

The company remains positive on the outlook for high-yield bonds this year.


On a more positive note, we're seeing signs that the housing market is picking up.

positive news for/on sth »

positive news on trading/for sterling

Compare NEGATIVE(Cf. ↑negative) adjective
used to describe strong action that is taken to achieve something: »

Positive action has been taken to change the image of the company.

a positive step toward sth/doing sth »

Some Wall Street analysts described the management shakeup as a positive step toward restoring the company's credibility.

positively adverb
react/respond positively to sth »

Financial markets reacted positively to the news.

positive UK US /ˈpɒzətɪv/ noun [C or S]
a good aspect, situation, etc.: »

Higher short-term rates that slow inflation are a positive, not a negative, for bonds.


a lot of/a number of/many positives


As an employer you should emphasize the positive to your employees continually.

Compare NEGATIVE(Cf. ↑negative)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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